My Top 5 Spooky Girl Products

Being weird has always been an everyday vibe for me since middle school. I’ll never forget the judgmental looks I would get as a preteen that followed me into my teenage years. Then a certain style saved me. It did not make me any less weird by far, but it helped me find myself….and made me somewhat unapproachable.

I started wearing all black and fell in love with chains and skulls. Needless to say Hot Topic and Spencers were my favorite stores growing up. The nostalgia of my early 2000’s Nirvana shirt gives me chills. My love of all things weird and spooky never left, nor was it just a phase as people wrongfully predicted. I’m 31 now, and skeletons doing yoga poses bring a giant grin across my face. I’m definitely rocking basic spooky girl vibes all day every day. Tattoos, piercings, skull hoodies and t-shirts. Maybe you’ll catch me in a skull dress when it’s warm out. I love the aesthetic so much. I may never be able to fully explain my love of spooky and creepy oddities, but I don’t want to change it.

With that being said, let’s check out my top Five Spooky girl products:

  1. Thick Thighs, Witch Vibes – Pop Socket

This trendy looking pop socket has been on my phone for about a year now. I get compliments because I paired it with my super creepy skull phone case . Things I love are that it only just now started fading, it’s interchangeable with other Pop Sockets. Another fun Pop Socket I like is this cute witchy one. Let me know what you think and which one you like more 🙂

Thick Thighs, Witch Vibes Pop Socket from Amazon

2. Black Magic Witch Moon Phase Mirrors

BLACK MAGIC Moon Phase Mirrors – Amazon

These are amazing looking! They definitely bring a homey and creepy vibe. I’ve had my eyes on these puppies for a long time. They were finally on sale so I scooped them up. Something I love about these is that Black Magic sends two different ways to hang them up. They have Sticky Stuff or Double Sided tape (temporary vs. Permanent). I love having the option to have them up temporarily or possibly damage my walls with the more permanent route. May the odds be ever in your favor.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Backpack – Loungefly

NBC Tarot Card Back Pack – Loungefly

This is definitely one of my favorite bags. It’s so versatile and doesn’t take up much room. I get a lot of people asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”. So I want to ensure I get this linked in. I’m definitely learning to love Loungefly. They have so many different designs and themes for the same Movies. They’re so versatile. Seriously, who ever would have thought that I could find a NBC bag where the characters are show in cute little tarot cards? I certainly did not at first.

4. Heat Changing Constellations Mug

I’ve been trying to cut down on the energy drinks (again), so I’ve gotten this cute heat changing mug and some delicious Hibiscus Green Tea. I even got an automatic Tea Kettle so that I no longer need to burn my tongue trying to relax. Pair this with an oversized hoodie and either a crime show or horror movie and you’ve got the perfect chill evening. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, cuddle up with a Stephen King novel. I’m currently reading Sleeping Beauties, by both Stephen and Owen King.

5. Death Moth and Floral Bedding Set – Queen

This beautiful bed set comes in a cream base and black base. The bed size options are Twin, Full, Queen, and King. This set covers softness with silky texture. It’s one of the most top rated spooky bed sets on Amazon too. Be aware though, this is a comforter cover. You put your basic comforter inside and zip the bottom. Definitely a good winter fix unless you have a thinner comforter.

I plan on continuing my exploration of creepy and odd decor. If you have any recommendations or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Thank you for hanging out! Stay spooky my friends!

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