So…Imma start out with this. I am a big girl. No shame, It’s a work in progress (aren’t we all though?). I love sweets….except cheesecake. I couldn’t get past the whole cheese and sweets things for a while. Cheesecake was super safe from me for a long time. Well….that all changed in 2011. I was working at Ihop and one of my coworkers brought in a cheesecake. Ok…Eww. Well….go figure, a coworker had a piece and talked this thing up like it was a god. I got a whiff of sweetness with a little graham cracker and I started salivating. But….I’m a big girl. It happens. My coworker looked at me and was like “No, you don’t understand. Try it.” With a small amount of resistance, I tried the cheesecake.

Holy Sh** guys! My tastebuds started dancing in my mouth. The salivating only got worse, and I needed more. My addictive gene started going a million miles a minute. It was delicious. I bought an entire cheesecake from her that weekend. Then, never again.

It’s amazing how things work out for me. This past week I was invited on facebook to like someone’s cheesecake page. It’s the same coworker!!! My heart when I noticed that dropped. I instantly messaged her and guess what? I’m getting a cheesecake this weekend. 🙌🏼

Thank you to those of you that liked my corny story. Let me know if you are interested in ordering 😍🍰

Published by Sikkilynn

Welcome to the brainchild of a single mother that runs on Caffeine, Chaos, and cuddles. I'm not entirely sure what you're going to find on this website. But I am sure that you're going to get to know plenty about me by reading these pieces. See you there!

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